Vision & Mission

The Center for Insurance Transformation aims to make the tremendous opportunities in risk management and insurance available to a more diverse group of students. In doing so, it will transform their lives and transform the insurance industry to be more representative of the customers that it serves.


For over 70 years the University of Mississippi has been providing insurance education to its students. In recent years, its Risk Management and Insurance program has been recognized as a Global Center for Insurance Excellence due to its success in educating students and engaging with the insurance industry. Through its engagement with the insurance industry, the Ole Miss RMI program (like many of its peers) has been able place its graduates in promising careers across the United States. However, despite the efforts of a growing number of RMI programs, there is a significant shortage of diverse talent that is interested in working in the insurance industry.

In 2021 the RMI program decided that in order to reach a more diverse group of students it needed to do something completely different. Accordingly, it formulated a comprehensive plan focused on increasing the diversity of the RMI talent pipeline. The Center for Insurance Transformation was founded in 2021 with the goal of coordinating the RMI program’s initiatives aimed at making career opportunities in risk management and insurance available to a more diverse group of students.

The Center’s primary initiative, to be launched in fall 2023, is the Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance. The certificate is a free 10-week online program that creates a pathway for students to acquire a paid internship (with a housing stipend), executive mentorship, and ultimately a career in risk management and insurance. What makes the certificate program unique is that it is the outcome of a partnership between a state flagship university, HBCUs, and the insurance industry. Our corporate partners have committed to participating in recruiting and content delivery, hiring certificate graduates as interns, and providing them with hands-on executive level mentoring.

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